Witch Pig Tutorials


All of these tutorial and walkthough videos are using Reaper for the examples, but the same ideas and principles could be applied using any major DAW.
For more home recording and audio technology tutorials, check out my You Tube channel.

An Introduction to Witch Pig FX Plugins

The guide to all the VST3 effects and utilities plugins I wrote up to 2023, with some brief sound examples.

An Introduction to Witch Pig Kontakt Instruments

The instruments featured include Behemoth Hybrid Bass, Dungeon Synth, Seven String Synth, Ambient Axe, and AXA.

Drum Production Tricks

Using Reaper Automation and FX, along with the free Witch Pig Plugins, to add interest and variety to a drum track.

Tweaking Bitty in Reaper

A guide to using automation with Bitty to enhance a track in Reaper.

Using free Pianobook and Witch Pig Instruments in Reaper

Creating an ambient(ish) track in Reaper user only free instruments from Pianobook.

Alien Step Mutha Walkthrough

Shows how to create step sequence patterns using the baby aliens, and how to alter the speed of the sequences, and apply the FX.

Using Crap Sounds for Better Mixes

Using SPX Nevermore and Bitty, along with the HM2 Pedal, for simple but effective lo-fi production tricks in Reaper.

Recording, Rendering & Automating Dungeon Synth in Reaper

Brief guide to using Reaper to control and automate Kontakt instruments, as well as how to render MIDI to audio from the free Kontakt Player's demo mode.

Mega Midi Mapper Walkthough

A guide to getting started with Mega Midi Mapper, with some examples of how it can be used both practically and creatively.

Automating Parallel Distortion in Reaper with Siberian Hamster

In this video, I show how to modulate the parameters in the VST with an LFO, so that the knobs move backwards and forwards in time to the music. I then mix in the parallel distorted track with the original drums to create different dynamics, feel, and textures.